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Programs Offered

All Star Elite

  • Allstar Elite Teams will be comprised of Levels 1-6.

  • Elite Teams will practice 2 days a week

  • Schedules will be available after team placement.

  • The Allstar Elite teams will compete at several two-day events where bids to the post season are awarded.

  • Teams will travel based on their competitiveness on the national circuit, not necessarily because of level.

  • Allstar Elite teams typically compete at 6-8 events in a season. These teams can plan on attending 2-3 travel events a year, not including the post season.

  • A travel event may be in-state or out-of-state.

  • The season runs from June through April of the following year, and the post season ends in early May.

Show Teams

  • Show Teams will practice 1 day a week.

  • Schedules will be available after team placement.

  • Show teams typically perform at 5 events per season.

  • Prep Teams compete locally and do not travel.

  • Prep teams are not eligible to attend post-season events.

  • $100 Monthly Tuition

  • Gets athletes ready for the elite program.

  • All fees included in monthly tuition.


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